Digital Advertising


Digital Advertising

Connect with our readers on, get your message out through custom advertorials on our website and in our weekly newsletter and reach thousands of our followers through custom Facebook Live interviews. Take advantage of our digital options to place your brand or your firm’s services alongside the how-to campaign content that campaign professionals, campaign vendors, candidates and elected officials are consuming. For more info contact Bobby Candelieri at

Advertising Opportunities

Rapid-Fire C&E Video Interview

  • A three minute fast-paced three-question video interview with C&E
  • Interview questions are designed to give the interviewee an opportunity to quickly communicate their story and the service(s) they offer
  • Promoted through Facebook to C&E’s custom audience of campaign industry professionals
  • Pricing is based on number of videos plus size and scope of videos social boost. Pricing starts at $975

C&E Video Interview

  • A 10-minute interview in the style of C&E’s regular Campaign Insider video interview series
  • Interview topics and questions are developed in collaboration with C&E to support the sponsor’s objectives
  • Video can be edited to include graphics and/or other visual components
  • Promoted through Facebook to C&E’s custom audience of campaign industry professionals
  • Pricing is based on number of video’s, size and scope of videos social boost and any post-production required. Pricing starts at $2,895

Retargeted Advertising: or C&E Facebook

  • Client to run retargeted advertising to C&E’s online universe. Options include and C&E’s Facebook network.
  • Retargeting campaign is run in-house by C&E with metrics on the campaign’s reach on a weekly basis.
  • Pricing is based on a 30-day run. Special rates apply for runs that are 90 days and longer
  • Client-supplied creative in three sizes: 300 x 250, 728 x 90 and 320 x 50 (mobile leaderboard) 
  • Pricing for retargeting – $2900
  • Pricing for retargeting through C&E Facebook- $2900
  • Pricing for retargeting through both channels- $4750 

Advertising on

  • Online Box Ad—Size 300 x 250—30-day block— $889
  • Online Leaderboard ad—Size 728 x 90—30-day block— $1,189
  • Splash ad—Size 650 x 200—30-day block— $1,537 (sold out through 2018)

Please note that all prices are based on one 30-day run. Special rates apply for runs that are 90, 180, and 360 days.

Online Advertorial/Native Content/Case Study:

  • Get your message in front of readers on, right in our main online content stream. Working with the team at Campaigns & Elections, your sponsored editorial will publish to our Campaign Insider blog, and will remain archived online.
  • $1,650 for one time run      

Email Newsletter Leaderboard ad:

  • Advertise in our weekly email newsletters sent to a universe of 15k. Email newsletter sponsorship includes a leaderboard ad.
  • $1,260 (sold in blocks of 2)

Email Newsletter Presenting sponsor:

  • Company name or logo in the header— “Presented by…”
  • Link in the body of the newsletter that links out to your custom content or webpage
  • Includes your own custom headline
  • 2 sentence excerpt of the content
  • $,1650 (sold in blocks of 2)