Campaigns & Marketing Summit


Campaigns & Marketing Summit

November 29, 2018 – Washington, DC

Campaigns & Marketing Summit is the only conference to engage with decision makers in Brand Marketing, PR, and Campaign Strategies all under one roof. Attendees are looking to share best practices and seek new relationships that will help them build their business. As we head into 2017 this is the prime place to showcase new products and services to this unique crowd. For more info contact Bobby Candelieri at

Deadline to lock in your sponsorship is October 27, 2017

Sponsor Opportunities


Exhibit Table: $1,950

  • 2 conference registrations

  • Logo and Link on the conference site

  • Logo presence in the exhibit area

Basic Booth* – $975 (only 4 available) 

  • 1 conference registration 
  • High-top table 

*(Basic booth does not allow for sponsor to bring backdrops, banners, or signage. Sponsor is limited to the space on the high-top table)

Custom booth/interactive area: Starting at $6,950 (only 1 available)   

  • Enhanced booth area
  • Ability to add seating and additional monitors (interactive area)
  • Inclusion in a pre-conference email to attendees to visit the booth (maybe add a raffle or prize component)
  • Verbal recognition— “Please stop by the (NAME) interactive….”



  • Logo and Link on the conference website
  • Logo presence in the exhibit area
  • 2 conference registrations (unless otherwise noted)

Lunch for group: $7,250

  • 20 minutes to speak at the lunch and thank everyone
  •  Logo presence in the lunch area 
  • Sponsor can provide takeaways on lunch tables

WiFi Sponsor: $8,025 SOLD OUT

  • Cards handed out to attendees with sponsor name/log and thanking you for the sponsoring the Wi-Fi
  • Verbal Recognition at start of conference to thank you for Wi-Fi (this will be right as we kickoff the conference)
  • Mentioned as the Wi-Fi sponsor on the screens in-between sessions
  • “Wi-Fi courtesy of…” on the conference badges OR conference agenda 

Sponsored Breakout Panel: $6,500 

  • Work in conjunction with C&E to create a breakout session that uses your speaker’s suggestions and topic ideas
  • Each panel will have 3 or 4 speakers from different companies/organizations that will contribute to the topic of discussion that the client provides The clients can provide a list of speakers and suggestions.
  • The conference website will have the breakout as being “Sponsored by…”
  • Exclusive info or download at that breakout—something to grab attention

Custom Main Stage presentations available- $5,500-$8,500 ONLY ONE SPOT REMAINING 

  • Work with C&E to create a 20 minute main stage presentation 
  • Ability to hand out material to the audience 
  • Email directly to attendees once presentation is over

Conference App Sponsorship- $4500

  • Custom splash ad on the app (displays every time someone opens the app)
  • Verbal recognition as the Conference app sponsor 

Cocktail Reception: Starting at $5500 

  • Headline sponsor of the cocktail reception 
  • 5 minutes to address crowd

Facebook Live Interviews: $5500

  • C&E will conduct Facebook Live interviews throughout the conference with speakers and attendees
  • The lives will be broadcast form the Campaigns & Elections Facebook page
  • Your logo will appear alongside the conference logo in the background of each interview (backdrop depends on space and venue but could be a step and repeat, monitor or backdrop)
  • The sponsor will be verbally thanked at the start of each interview
  • A representative from the sponsor company will also be interviewed during the day

Gaming Station—Xbox or PlayStation: $6,250

  • Branded signage— “Game area sponsored by…”
  • Branded pillows at seating area

Lanyards: $5,000 

  • Name and logo on the lanyards

Charging lounge: $4,850

  • Branded charging area for people to charge phones
  • 2 monitors with sponsor image or video scrolling
  • Logo presence in the charging area 

The Pitch: $3,500 

  • Own four minutes at CampaignTech East to Pitch your services to attendees
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your expertise in this fact-paced, exciting time at the start of a high-traffic general session
  • Receive qualified leads from attendees who click to hear more about your service in the email they receive immediately after you leave the stage

Breakfast: $2,250

  • Branded napkins OR coffee sleeves
  • Logo presence in the breakfast area 

Branded Water: $3,200

  • Branded Water on tables in general sessions and break outs

Popcorn (branded): $2,950

  • Branded bags of popcorn to be handed out at the event at a designated area or dropped in the general session after lunch

Cupcakes: $2,900

  • Branded Cupcakes and designated cupcake station

Sponsored Roundtable: $2,800

  • Engage with a small group of attendees around a topic you help create
  • A representative from your organization will be the roundtable facilitator

Candy Station: $1,950

  • Designated station with an assortment of candies
  • Candy bags with sponsor logo provided at the station for people to take away

Chair Drop: $2,500 

  • Branded items or collateral placed on tables for each attendee for the first general session

Badge Sponsor: $2,500  

  • Logo and name recognition on the badge (logo on front and website on back)

Afternoon snack break: $1,000

  • Logo presence in the snack area 

Sponsored rooms: breakout rooms: $1,800/general session- $2,500

  • Have your name/logo as the name of the rooms where the breakouts and general sessions are held
  • Name and logo will appear on signage outside of each room
  • Name and logo will appear on agenda for each session that is held in that room

Pads and Pens during breakouts: $1,500

  • Pads and pens provided in all rooms (one time drop)
  • Pads and pens provided by the sponsor
  • 1 conference registration 

Raffle for prizes: $950 (multiple available, does not include conference registration) 

  • Raffle tickets or business cards collected to provide prize provided by the sponsor 
  • Verbal recognition as the raffle sponsor 

Scrolling ad on the conference app- $750